Trusting In The Weakness Of God

The conclusion I came to some time ago is that God is a lot less powerful than his PR department would have us believe. This does not lead to me thinking any less of God. Quite the opposite. My experience in life is that the more powerful people are the bigger shits they are. A God who struggles to keep the universe in some kind of order and who could have very easily failed to raise Christ from the grave gets a lot more respect from me than a god that can do anything. An omnipotent god raising another omnipotent god to life just elicits a response of "Big deal. So what?" from me.


Trusting In The Weakness Of God — 1 Comment

  1. Richard Rohr in his book “Immortal Diamond” calls God the “Great Allower.”

    pg. 18: “In this regard, God is the Great Allower, despite all the attempts of ego, culture, and even religion to prevent God from allowing. Show me where God does not allow. God lets women be raped and raped women conceive, God lets tyrants succeed, and God lets me make my own mistakes again and again. He does not enforce his own commandments. God’s total allowing of everything has in fact become humanity’s major complaint. Conservatives so want God to smite sinners that they find every natural disaster to be proof of just that, and then they invent some of their own smiting besides. Liberals reject God because God allows holocausts and torture and does not fit inside their seeming logic. If we were truly being honest, God is both a scandal and a supreme disappointment to most of us. We would prefer a God of domination and control to a God of allowing, as most official prayers make clear.”