PC Time Bomb Explodes In Rotherham

In England the PC time bomb has just exploded and there is carnage all around. The political correctness of the last thirty or so years has been shown to be not just "gone crazy" but positively sociopathic. A report into the levels of child abuse in the South Yorkshire town of Rotherham (population about a quarter of a million) has revealed that between 1997 and 2013 at least 1400 children were groomed, raped and forced into sexual slavery by gangs of young, Pakistani men. This is horrifying enough as it stands but, tragically, the full scandal is even worse. It has been proved (and now admitted by many of those involved) that local government, social workers and the police in Rotherham deliberately did nothing about the situation, which they knew to be ongoing, even when approached by the victims or their parents, because they did not want to be accused of racism. Charities who work with abused children are now claiming that the Rotherham figures are just the tip of a Titanic sinking iceberg. This abuse of non-Muslim girls by Pakistani men is an entrenched part of urban life in England and has been for many years. Those of us who have seen it happening and who have spoken out publicly about the abuse of women by Muslim men have routinely  been accused of being racist and told that we have to accept the misogynist elements of Islamic culture even though we have spent our lives campaigning for the removal of such unenlightened cultural abominations from our own Christian culture.

Only recently I was unfriended and accused of all sorts of nasty "isms" by various social media friends after suggesting that the veiling of women was a feminist issue and that it was an absolute moral wrong even when voluntarily adopted by Muslim women. Unfortunately, I have now been vindicated by solid, empirical evidence and the suffering of countless thousands of young girls.

I expect some will ask WTF wearing a black sack over your head has to do with the pimping of decidedly unveiled young non-Muslim girls? Well, the answer is simple and can be found writ large in the cultural history of Christian England itself.

A hundred and fifty years ago in the towns of cities of this green and pleasant land of mine, children, women and young men were being pimped in exactly the same, cold, calculating, cynical way as the fourteen hundred Rotherham sexual abuse victims now in the news. It was accepted as normal by society and by the government of the land as the writings of Josephine Butler, for example, clearly show. Why was it considered normal? I cannot be certain but my guess is that the fact that women and children were seen, culturally, religiously and legally as the property of men had a lot to do with it. That, God offending attitude towards women and children, I am ashamed to say, was very much part of the culture of England at the time. Between then and now a lot of people, overwhelmingly women, have fought, suffered and, in some cases, died to overthrow such patriarchal tyranny and, although we may still have some distance to travel in order to become perfect I think it would be fair to say that both women and children in native, English society are no longer seen as the property of men and that good laws have been enacted to give a practical reality to this change of attitude.

The problem, the elephant in the room, is that Pakistani, Muslim culture has not undergone this shift in its perception of the place of women and children in relation to men. The thinking that insists that only the husband should be allowed to look upon "his" wife who, otherwise, should be covered from head to toe, is possessional thinking and, in terms of enlightenment, is at the same stage of moral evolution as the attitude towards women generally displayed towards English women by English society back in Victorian times. Furthermore, a culture that believes that it is morally acceptable to sell their eleven, twelve, thirteen year old daughters into arranged marriages is again displaying the assumption that men are the owners of their female relatives. Now, it is by no means automatic that a Pakistani man will go from seeing himself as "the head over the woman" to prostituting young, white girls on the streets of his city (of course, not, and the proportion of the male, Muslim population of England that does, must be extremely small) but, in my mind, there is no doubt that the relegating of women to the status of goods and chattel by a culture makes it a lot easier for men from that culture to abuse women in some extremely nasty ways because they are inherently attuned to viewing women and children as objects for their own amusement.

In other words, to give women the level of equality with men that they now, rightfully, enjoy in England, and to stop the wholesale use of women and children to satisfy the routine sexual lusts of men, has meant eradicating inequality from all aspects of our social lives even the relatively benign parts. It is my belief that the sudden and numerous influx of people with cultural norms completely out of step with contemporary, native English cultural norms, at the same time as the silencing of all dissent concerning the importation of an alien and archaic view of women and children, has let the abuse of our children by predatory, inherently misogynist, gangs of Pakistani youth become a plague of depravity that will be very difficult to eradicate as it has now infected so much of our cultural anatomy.

Culture is a reality and, contrary to Thatcher's soundbite, there is such a thing as society. When cultures that are markedly different from each other are forcibly clashed together without any regard, because of an institutional fear of the political and economic repercussions, for the fall out that might follow, then eventually the shit will hit the fan as it has just done, so spectacularly, in England. Those who believed, those who still believe, in the myth of multiculturalism have been living in cloud cuckoo land. They have now been brought down to earth with a bump. Sadly, a lot of young people have had to endure enormous, vile and painful abuse, both physical and mental, because of such naive, "politically correct," wishful thinking.

It's time to for those whose job it is to protect our society to get real. It is time for them to let the people speak and to respect what they have to say. The people who really know what is going on are the people who live where the action is taking place and that is rarely in the nice parts of town where the councillors and social workers live.


PC Time Bomb Explodes In Rotherham — 2 Comments

  1. I would phrase it something like “We are going to END violent misogyny EVERYWHERE it is found. Everywhere. And we’re not going to let any individual group of misogynists, HIDING behind any particular culture, stop our fight.” [And, needless to say, it really needs to be ***women*** leading this fight. So MP, I suggest you call up your local group of “angry feminists”, and ask how you can help. My tuppence.]

  2. I have been dying to say the same thing about multiculturalism. But I dare not, because I am white and thus I will get the “you must be a racist” accusation thrown up in my face. Because, after all, ONLY white people can be racist. :eyeroll:

    I have to wonder if the “RACIST” accusation is worse here in the US because of the slavery thing. :sigh: