Bashed By Bishops

There's an article in this week's "Durham Times" about a new biography of Justin Welby. I quote:

"There were other problems too. Churches were ageing and priests were in short supply. Bishop Welby had ten Durham parishes he was unable to send clergy."

I've been suffering from a tooth abscess this last week. They are bloody painful but they don't hurt you half as much as people can and often do, even those who are self proclaimed "risk takers and reconcilers."


Bashed By Bishops — 2 Comments

  1. Welby is a coward, a operator and postures whenever he can grab a sense that he revalidates his reason for being/beliving…it has nothing to do with your very human case of needing a little understanding, he rejected your request to be heard/understood. Doesn’t like your style. I don’t believe he has ANY sense of taking on someone or anything that actually needs mercy when talking about MERCY and JUSTICE are easy and music to his very own ears….trouble is, ++Archbishop Darting Eyes, avoids solutions to anything that may be a little ¨dark¨ (oh my) and ¨difficult¨… tilting his mitre when he wants to keep alignment in place just won’t do. Silly and proud goose (feathers) that he has been fashioned into being is all robe and no clothes..take your meds and forget about this mean and feckless nobody-home at Lambeth Palace.