Lesson From Past Forgotten By Israel Today

The lesson to be learned from the story of David and Goliath is not that sometimes miracles do happen. It should not be that God likes the Jews more than he likes anybody else, even though, I fear, the story has often been understood as meaning exactly that. No, the lesson to be learned is that a small but precise military action, focussed directly and only on the target that needs "taking out" is more conserving of resources, energy and, above all, life, and a quicker, far less messy way of realising the object of the attack, than simply throwing boulders all over the battlefield hoping that one of them might just hit the target that needs "taking out."


Lesson From Past Forgotten By Israel Today — 4 Comments

  1. There are no winners here, Jonathan. Hamas is playing the long game and invoking the wrath of the world on Israel for attacking Gaza. They are perfectly willing to see hundreds, even thousands, of Palestinians die in the Israeli assaults and shelling – that is their evil. Israel is caught in a no-win situation – continuing to have Hamas launch rockets on Israel is not acceptable, yet they have no other way to stop the rockets except by trying to take them out – and that is their evil. Here’s the real tragedy: Hamas will win in the long run because the demographics of the Middle East favor the Arabs; they are reproducing at a far higher rate than the Israelis and will eventually be a voting majority in Israel, able to vote Israel out of existence legally. It is likely that many, perhaps most of the Jews will emigrate from Israel when that happens, as they will not feel safe in an Arab-dominated country. If/when that happens, the vibrant and very successful Israeli economy will largely disappear, and then the Arabs lose, as their incomes sink closer to those of all the surrounding countries. None of this is written in stone, but with the clashes of cultures, it would not be unexpected. The alternative would be a true Israeli-administered apartheid nation and eventually a mutually destructive war to the death, with Israel holding the “high card” of nuclear weapons that could be used as they go down to defeat. It would not be pretty…..

    • We had a similar problem with the IRA. They would come over to England and set bombs off that killed many innocent people including children. However, even though we did lots of bad things, especially on Bloody Sunday, we did not resort to carpet bombing Londonderry on the off chance we might have killed a few terrorists.

  2. “continuing to have Hamas launch rockets on Israel is not acceptable”

    This is Israel’s strategic mistake (and, I would say, “moral mistake”—but ONLY if I were living in Israel).

    If Israel would just —as unbelievably painful a decision as it would be— SWALLOW those (*relatively few*) deaths from Hamas rockets, EVENTUALLY world (esp Arab world) pressure would get them to stop.

    But I don’t pretend that a policy of “we don’t avenge our deaths” would be anything other than excruciating (esp as there would be those who would say “Appeasement!” and “Remember the Holocaust!” non-stop in the face of such a policy).

    But ALL Palestinians have to live for now, is revenge. With that as their ground-of-being, war will NEVER end, as long as Israel keeps making new Palestinian martyrs (or “martyrs”, if you prefer). Palestine, as a society, is simply too weak to NOT avenge their dead. Only Israel CAN make this self-sacrificial decision (though it’s hard to imagine they would).

  3. Well said. If Israel were to do that – strengthen Iron Dome and just let the Hamas rockets fall, what would the European response be? That it’s acceptable for Hamas to attack Israel with rockets, so we don’t criticize them? There seems from here in the colonies a kernel of truth to the Israeli complaint that they are criticized for defending themselves but criticism of Hamas for launching rockets is not as harsh. Both sides have backed themselves into corners from which it will be extremely hard to extricate themselves. The end game will be most unpleasant….. I would not be surprised if Israel ceased to exist as a sovereign state within the next 40-50 years, maybe not even that long. Then, who gets the nukes…..?