Female Bishops – A Tragic Equality

I think that Synod should have voted for a moratorium on anybody becoming a bishop, men and women, and discussed instead what the role of the bishop should be. At the moment bishops in the Anglican Communion are administrators and media manipulators before they are anything else. This role is what they should absolutely not be because it is based on the paradigm of the rulers of the gentiles that Jesus warned his followers not to be like. In my opinion bishops should be pastors, teachers and the celebrant of the sacraments within the diocese who unites the dispersed congregations into one communion.

This begs the question, "Who then should be in charge?"

My answer is nobody. The church should be voluntary and its business should be conducted as among a group of friends or association of hobbyists. The radical solution is for the Church to divest itself of everything that compels it to act in a worldly way. At the end of the day nobody should be hurt or subjugated in the name of Christ and bishops spend far too much of their time hurting people and lording it over people. That women should delight that they are now to be allowed to do the same saddens me.

Some will say that women will alter the dynamics of the episcopacy and a more pure, Christlike house of bishops will emerge, but it won't. Women priests have not changed the dynamics of the priesthood and I suspect there is a conspiratorial reason for this. I think men kept (keep) control over women in part by telling women they were (are) completely different to and so much nicer than men and so not suited for the rough and tumble, dog eat dog world of church (and every other type of) management. Like so much else proposed by entrenched, privileged, patriarchal institutions this may well have been one big and deliberate lie.

From my experience, when it comes to motivation and the ease of succumbing to temptation, even when it comes to aggression (especially non-physical aggression), there is no difference between men and women and it is these sins which have corrupted the office of bishop within the Christian Church . As we are not prepared to challenge the current state of the office of bishop, it will be the women who are elevated to the office who will be changed (no matter what their initial intentions) and not the office itself.

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