All Hail Our New Rulers

All this tax evasion that is going on is just the final step before we reach the position where the nations of the world pay tax to the multinationals. In many ways it is already happening. This is an obvious outcome as the multinationals are the de facto governments for most countries already and the politicians of our nations are their civil servants. The rest of us are back to being peasants, working the soil of capitalism for crumbs from the table and paying our obeisance to our new overlords.


All Hail Our New Rulers — 5 Comments

  1. Certainly seems to be true in the US – we are headed in that direction, even though in some cases, the real “powers that be” want things that will result in future disasters. Of course, they’ll be dead by then…..

  2. Grrr. You are absolutely right. However. In many parts of the world there is absolutely nothing people can do about it. We could. We could elect a government that refused to play that game. Annoyingly the mass media will give people the impression that they have to vote Conservative, Labour or LibDem, all of which intend to keep the system going. There will be other candidates though.

    • Yes, there does appear to be a conspiracy of silence when it comes to alternative voting choices. To be honest I am not the world’s most committed environmentalist (my bad) but I voted Green at the European election for the simple reason that they advocate the re-nationalisation of utilities and I’m a socialist. When I checked the results I was pleasantly surprised by how well the Green Party had done in respect of the proportion of the vote. They did far better than both the Liberals and UKIP in many places. But there was no coverage of this in the media, not even on the BBC. It makes you wonder.