There's a bit of a row going on online after a photo was posted of a Scottish man celebrating Uraguay's defeat of England at the World Cup. The full story can be read at THE BBC.

Okay, no doubt it pales into insignificance when compared to what the black people of America had to put with up during segregation or what the black people of South Africa endured under apartheid, but it's still racism and it still hurts. They may dismiss it as no more than an ongoing joke but then so was Jim Davidson's "Chalkie" routine.

I have lost friends for saying that the campaign to get people to say "Yes" to Scottish independence is brazenly taking advantage of the barely latent anti-English racism of a high proportion of the Scottish population. However, incidents such as this one show clearly that my claim is correct.

Maybe one day the time will be right for Scotland to become independent but it is not now, because now the debate is informed by a bigotry that would be a poisonous foundation for a new nation. Nothing good comes out of hatred. Hating your neighbour is never funny.