A College Of Bishops Is An Affront To The Gospel

Bishop Alan Wilson, an English bishop who has spoken out publicly in favour of same gender marriage has shared a GUARDIAN report on the disbarring of a Church of England priest from presiding as a priest by his bishop on his Facebook wall. The Guardian piece contained the claim, "The bishops have appointed the bishop of Norwich, Graham James, to maintain a blacklist of clergy who will not be considered for any future roles."

This was my comment on Facebook following Bishop Alan's assertion that he would "be shocked and appalled if any of (his) colleagues descended to that kind of morally squalid behaviour?"

What do you mean you'd be shocked and appalled if any of your colleagues descended to that kind of morally squalid behaviour? You belong to a group of people who have been excluding priests from their vocations without following any due process (even though we have the machinery for such process to take place in force already) for longer than you have been ordained. You belong to a group whose individual members that will stand by another bishop's constructive defrocking of a priest even if they disagree morally with that bishop's action and will not consider giving a priest without permission to officiate a job in their own diocese simply because another bishop has withdrawn permission to officiate from that priest.

Alan, unlike me, you are a generally a good man but I accuse you of hypocrisy and a complete lack of integrity. To put it bluntly, you, along with all so-called liberal or inclusive or progressive bishops in England, are all talk. In fact, there does not appear to be a working bishop in the country who has a backbone more solid than jelly when it comes to putting their moral assertions into practice. You are all putting collegiality (a definite candidate for censure by an eleventh commandment) before what you believe God is calling you to say and do. You are cowards.

I am unemployed and living on less than a bishop's expenses claim. My accusations against you are born from experience and I regard you as every bit as guilty of my injury as the bishop who sacked me. If you live by collegiality then you should be judged by collegiality as well.

For God and God's people's sake, stop talking about it and do something.


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