Hang On A Minute!

Okay, then. Why are muslim women who wear the whole caboodle, full veil and all, still not allowed to pray with the men in the main hall of the mosque? Let's face it, if it doesn't stop men lusting when they are thinking about Allah it's not going to work on a hot sweaty afternoon in the centre of Birmingham, is it?!

What's my point?

That treating women like property and/or second class humans is wrong whatever your creed or colour.



Hang On A Minute! — 1 Comment

  1. Ownership, of things and other people, is a sop to compensate for the prospect of being owned oneself. Well, actually, though many people are loath to admit it, in the U.S. children are legally the property of their parents and the state claims the right to dispose of all males at will in times of emergency by forcing them, under penalty of law, to register for military service. That males are not, in fact, drafted into involuntary servitude does not change the fact that the state is asserting a claim and property rights trump human rights in the law.
    What is ironic is that when human rights, such as the right to associate in a marital union with whomever one pleases, is officially recognized, it gets transformed into a propert right (people have a vested interest) and cannot be taken away without just cause. There is a signal difference between not recognizing a right to begin with and trying to take one away. When it comes to rights, reality is similar to percentages — i.e. not subject to a simple reversal. It’s not like going backwards and forwards. That, I think, is what makes it hard to understand by binary thinkers, who see everything as opposites.
    Perhaps it is because they have no sense of time. When time is in the mix, then even right and wrong are not opposites. What may be right one day, may be wrong the next or totally irrelevant. Time is of the essence. People who have no sense of time don’t get that. Oddly enough that group seems to include most economic theorists. Equating time with money lets them dismiss time from their calculations. So, it’s no wonder they are usually wrong.