The Fear Of Fundamentalist Islam In England

Posted by me on a friend's wall in response to an article about Islamic "trojan horses" in English schools:

Do bear in mind that because of our colonial past we have strong links with certain countries and most of those who move to England come from these countries. Unfortunately, these countries, in particular Pakistan, are home to a particular form of extreme and unenlightened Islam. Our main problem in England is that a high proportion of our Islamic citizens, including their generations born here, hate our existing culture and want to replace it with an Islamist one.

The English middle classes have pretty much given up on having children and restrict the number when they do. Our Muslim population is expanding rapidly because they have lots of children. The elephant in the room is that it is only a matter of decades before the Muslim vote will become dominant in English politics, especially if Scotland votes for independence.

Successive governments, with the support of the opposition, have played down the problems of mass immigration by people whose primary loyalty is to their ancestral homeland and culture. To bring the matter up results in immediate accusations of racism. But the English working class and lower middle class are not as stupid as the government seems to think and it has become apparent recently, from various polls, that for them this is a very big issue. Bigger even than the economy. That is why at the European elections a heck of a lot of people voted for what is basically a fascist party. This is not because these voters are all fascists. It is because they are scared stiff about a future in which there will be a growing Muslim influence in their society. Unlike our neighbours, unlike our American friends, we do not go on too much about our culture, we get embarrassed when politicians do. But this does not mean that we are any more attracted to the idea of it being forcibly changed than the citizens of any other nation. We don't have a written constitution to protect us. As soon as one part of our society becomes more numerous than another part they get to call the shots.

The recent worrying events in our schools has shown the English public that their fears are not racist imaginings, they are in fact well founded. Unfortunately this will will result partly in a racist response and it could all get ugly and out of hand.


The Fear Of Fundamentalist Islam In England — 2 Comments

  1. Oh and trust me – even a written Constitution can be changed. For example, Prohibition used to be a thing here. Or – women and blacks, at one time, could not vote. Etc etc etc