Me And Billy The Kid

Most comedians are politically correct cowards who will only make jokes about people who are not going to try and kill them for doing so. Billy Connolly doesn't give a shit or, if he does, he doesn't let it damage his integrity. The thing is if you are going to speak about stuff in public it is of the utmost importance that you are consistent. Billy Connolly is and I try to be even though I lose friends every time I do. But let's get this straight, my momma brought me up to believe women are equal in all things to men and I can't remember a footnote that said "unless they are a different religion or a different colour." So, I'm with Billy, a curse on both our houses. Shit is shit whichever arse it comes out of.


Me And Billy The Kid — 4 Comments

  1. I remember reading an article about the Quran that said that the word used for “virgins” was not Arabic, but Aramaic, and it didn’t mean “virgins”; it meant “white grapes”, which were a delicacy in the middle east as they were rare in that area at that time. So the bombers could be getting a really nasty surprise…..

    • He’s Scottish. They all do. It takes my Glaswegian dog club friends about five times as long to speak a sentence than your average English person (even one who occasionally swears). This is not an attack on the Scots. It is an observation.