But Only Two Spirits?

There are two Holy Spirits in the New Testament. There is the Pauline Spirit of Paul's letters and the writings of Luke. This Spirit gives Christians the power to do miracles (the gifts of the Spirit) and enables them to display traditional Christian characteristics (the fruits of the Spirit). Then there is the Johannine Spirit which gives understanding of God's ways to Christians. In the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible this Spirit is called the Advocate. In the King James Version this Spirit is known as the Comforter and I like that title. The supporters of the two "types" of Holy Spirit possibly had huge arguments about who was right in the early days of the Church but now most of us would  accept that the two "types" are not mutually exclusive. However, at this moment in time and, if I am honest, in most of the moments of my life, I have been more in need of a comforter and someone to help me understand than in need of the ability to speak in Cretan and Arab. Come Holy Sprit, come Advocate, come Comforter!

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