It Ought To Be A Public Holiday


Yes, folks. It's that time of year again. The time when a few good people, and a whole load of ne'erdowells, happily dig deep into their pockets to find a bit of spare cash to send to yours truly in honour of his birthday on the twentieth day of June. This year it's the big FIFTY FIVE and I'm sure such numerical symmetry deserves an extra special gift, don't you?

Seriously though, my friends, as you know I live very much hand to mouth all year financed only by donations the supporters of my online ministry generously send in to me. This usually amounts to between five hundred and eight hundred pounds a month. My ongoing problem is that although this covers my regular living expenses, like having to buy food, it does not cover those luxuries in life such as clothes, shoes and taking a vacation. So twice a year, at Christmas and on my birthday (which are conveniently six months apart from each other) I run a special campaign to raise funds, not for the running of my website or even the feeding of my body, but for clothes and holidays and furniture and replacing broken electrical stuff and the like. Stuff that cheers me up a bit. This birthday I am hoping to buy some new proper shoes as I'm fed up of wearing trainers, a new good quality shaving brush as I left my old one in the gents toilet block at the last caravan site we stayed at and me and the wife's summer holiday at the beginning of July, camping in south Wales.

If you are able to contribute towards my birthday appeal this year please do so via the PayPal widget below. You do not need an account with them. If you do so you will be helping me to continue my online ministry whilst enjoying a bit of a real life as well. You will be removing a whole load of worry from me and, most important, from my long suffering wife as well.

You will also receive as special, limited edition photoshopped thank you, copies of which will only be sent to contributors to this appeal.

And remember, God loves a cheerful giver but don't let this put you off as I take cash from happy people and miserable gits alike and I am equally thankful to both.


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