Celebrating Saint Godric

Today at Saint Laika's we celebrate the feast of Saint Godric of Finchale. The abbey where he is buried is just down the road from where I live. Although a ruin there is still one service a year held there, always on Ascension Day. Hopefully, I will be attending this year's service next week. Here's a short newsreel clip of the same service back in 1939.

St Godric is perhaps best remembered for his kindness toward animals, and many stories recall his protection of the creatures who lived near his forest home. According to one of these, he hid a stag from pursuing hunters; according to another, he even allowed snakes to warm themselves by his fire.

Reginald of Durham recorded four songs of St Godric's: they are the oldest songs in English for which the original musical settings survive. Reginald describes the circumstances in which Godric learnt the first song.[2] In a vision the Virgin Mary appeared to Godric with at her side "two maidens of surpassing beauty clad in shining white raiments." They pledged to come to his aid in times of need; and the Virgin herself taught Godric a song of consolation to overcome grief or temptation ("Saintë Marië Virginë"). (WIKIPEDIA)


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  1. I hate to say this but add hoods with eyeholes to those getups and you have a meeting of the local Ku Klux Klan.