The donations I receive in support of my ministry on the internet are my only source of income. They usually amount each month to about a third of a Church of England parish priest's stipend. This is enough for me to live on but not enough for me to pay all my bills, especially bills I was not expecting. When these bills turn up I have to turn to my friends for help. I am not embarrassed by having to do this as I am working full time as a priest just as my stipendary colleagues do. It's just I have to rely on the generosity of my friends and supporters rather than the Church Commissioners. And guess what? Yes. Yet again I need to ask my friends and supporters for help. My bank will be asked for just over ninety pounds on Monday coming and I do not have the money in my account. If I do not make sure the money is in there by Monday I will get two snotty letters (one from the bank and one from PayPal) and a fine from the bank of twenty pounds. As this will not be the first time I have been unable to pay a bill I will probably lose my PayPal facility and that would be a complete disaster for me.

Therefore, if you can afford to, please consider sending a small contribution towards my outstanding debts my way. As always I will be ever so grateful if you do. I'll be able to enjoy the weekend rather than dreading the coming of Monday for the next two days.

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