Loonies Are The New Black

Earlier this week on Facebook I was told to "get some therapy." Just now a friend shared a post entitled "The Loony Loon." I often come across the use of words like "spaz" and "retard" used casually on Facebook and on blogs especially by Americans. Now, I don't take particular offence at being called names (what actually hurt me more than anything else this week was when a so called friend questioned my pastoral ability). However, it does strike me as rather odd and inconsistent that many people will hit the roof and demand blood if you use words that have been used in the past to denigrate black people or gay and lesbian people, for example, but will, themselves, casually, and sometimes maliciously, use words that still denigrate people with mental health problems or learning disabilities without any compunction whatsoever. It makes me question their sincerity when they claim to be for equality and against discrimination. How can you be anti-bigotry when your concern only seems to extend to sexy causes and you remain as callous towards western society's true outcasts, those who are "a bit simple in the head" or, like me, actually rely on regular trips to the clinical therapist to survive in what is to us a depressing and confusing world? To be honest, I don't think you can, which makes such people, especially those who have made a name for themselves from championing equality issues, first class hypocrites to say the least.


Loonies Are The New Black — 2 Comments

  1. You, MP, have little power, and don’t pretend to be sane.

    What’s so aggravating, is those who are demonstrably as insane as you are (or moreso), don’t acknowledge it, yet have great power(-over). They fill our (U.S.) government (all three branches, at every level: national, state, local), our industry, our entertainment, our trend-setters.

    “Get some therapy”: wise words, from anyone, TO anyone. But remember, if one says it—three fingers point back at you! ;-/

  2. MP you are in good company. Here is a quote from Benjamin Britten’s “Rejoice in the Lamb”

    “For I am under the same accusation
    With my Savior,
    For they said,
    He is besides himself.
    For the officers of the peace
    Are at variance with me,
    And the watchman smites me
    With his staff.
    For the silly fellow, silly fellow,
    Is against me,
    And belongeth neither to me
    Nor to my family.
    For I am in twelve hardships,
    But he that was born of a virgin
    Shall deliver me out of all,
    Shall deliver me out of all.”