MadPriest’s Eurovision Entry

145554_Papel-de-Parede-tATu--145554_1280x800In 2003 Russia was represented at the Eurovision Song Contest by the (pretend) lesbian group, t.A.T.u.. Nowadays their act and support of the LGBT community could get them imprisoned in their homeland if they were not beaten to death on the streets by their fellow citizens before the KGB got hold of them.

End of history? Feck no. We're going backwards.

9421146685_2a7129f802_bMORE EUROVISION NEWS:
Unreliable sources are claiming that David Cameron announced today that not only will Scotland not be allowed to continue using the pound as its currency should they decide on independence, they will also not be getting the (what's left of the United Kingdom) vote for their song at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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