An Alternative To Voting UKIP

According to THE INDEPENDENT, the proportion of UK citizens from ethnic minority communities is set to double by 2050.

A report by centre-right think-tank the Policy Exchange, entitled 'A Portrait of Modern Britain', claims that the numbers of people included in the five largest distinct Black and Minority Ethnic groups could double from the current 14%, or 8 million people, to between 20-30% by the middle of the century. The study says that during the past decade the UK's white population has remained the same while the minority population has almost doubled.

Rishi Sunak, report co-author and head of Policy Exchange's BME Research Unit, said: "These communities will continue to become an ever more significant part of Britain, especially in future elections."

Meanwhile, THE MALAYSIAN has the following report:

The “threat” of Christianisation was brought up again today at a forum at a public university where a crowd of about 1,000 was told that Christians will outnumber Muslims in Malaysia by 2100. ‎Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia president Abdul Karim Omar said this was based on the rapid increase of Christians in Malaysia.

‎"According to our research, the percentage of Christians increases by a huge amount every decade," he said at a seminar on the use of the word Allah and Christology at Universiti Teknologi Mara  today.

He said the latest statistics showed that the number of Christians in Malaysia ‎stands at less than 10% of the population, while Muslims are more than 60%. But if Christianisation continues, by 2100, ‎there will be an equal number of Christians and Muslims - 40%."

"And it will continue to increase, he said.

So may I suggest that if you really do not relish the idea of living in a Britain where the majority religion has become Islam you should consider emigrating to Malaysia.


An Alternative To Voting UKIP — 4 Comments

  1. MP, I think the problem is less Islam and more that they don’t want to live among brown people.

    • Not in England, DC. We are not scared of being overrun by black people as they have pretty much assimilated into our culture at the same time as we have stolen lots of their culture. We are fearful of our way of life being forcibly changed by people who actually hate our way of life. And we have many good reasons to be scared. Check this out for example:

      What non-British people have trouble accepting is that our Muslim population is far more Islamist than Muslim communities in most other countries because they come primarily from Pakistan.

  2. As a Yank, this shows to me the importance of our Bill of Rights. I don’t doubt that an Islamist majority in the USA could make life *extremely* unpleasant for me, de facto, but there are certain things they could not do, de jure.

    I actually have more faith in the “English Way of Life” than you do, MP. It may take some time, but those Islamist Pakistani Brits WILL Anglicize, moreso than everyone else will Islamize.

    • You never know, they may end up like our Sikh citizens who are often more English than the English as far as good manners and civilised behaviour is concerned. 🙂