Bishops Stick Together Unto Injustice And Beyond

Nobody has ever said anything negative about my skills as a priest. I’m competent at most of the functions demanded of an ordained clergyman and above average on some. I was a dedicated visitor, especially of the sick and the dying.

I am unemployed because one bishop decided that a priest who had suffered from depression in the past could not be a parish priest in the future as he was convinced that all mental health problems are caused by work related stress. Of course, we ended up hating each other as I’m not one to lie down and let people walk all over me without fighting back (and bear in mind that I did not start my blog until I had suffered from horrible discrimination at his hands for over five years) and that must have made him even more intent on destroying me.

But at the end of the day the main cause of my continued unemployment is that bishops stick together and never do anything that might lead to the behaviour of another bishop being called into question. I had first hand experience of this recently when I drove two hundred miles on the invitation of a diocesan bishop only to be told that he didn’t believe a word I said because the bishop who sacked me had been his tutor at college.

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