Feeding Time At The Zoo

In England we have pets' corners and children's zoos where kids are allowed to get close to and even stroke rabbits, goats, shetland ponies, guinea pigs and other docile herbivores. But in Scotland they have no time for such sissy stuff. As you will see from this advertisement for a zoo near Edinburgh, their children get to have a "hands on" experience with real bite. It's fun and it also keeps the cost of education down by reducing the number of children looking for school places.



Feeding Time At The Zoo — 3 Comments

  1. “Five Sisters Zoo”: I think we now know what happened to Goldilocks’ four older sisters…

  2. JCF just reminded me of a wise-ass remark I made once. When I heard someone refer to our forbears, rather than forefathers, I piped up and said that there weren’t four bears, there were only three: the Papa bear the Mama bear and the little Baby bear.

    (I bear-ly made it out alive!)

  3. Will have to show Maelo this blog post. She’s going through a teenage stage of being horrified at anything that’s ‘anti’ young people. Ha ha.