Mad Thoughts On Monday

I'm too cowardly to wish myself dead. But most Mondays I really wish I hadn't been born.


Why is it that I haven't got what I know that I have got unless I am told that I have got it by a doctor? Why is it that I have got what I know I have not got because a doctor says I have got it? I have a suggestion. The diagnosis of an illness should be made by someone who is not a doctor in consultation with the patient. Then, and only then, doctors should be brought in to treat the diagnosed illness.


I parked outside the shrink's clinic this afternoon and went to get my parking ticket. The scale of charges read: 1 day - £1.00. 1 week - £5.00. 2 weeks - £10.00. 3 weeks - £15.00. My therapist, when I told her, could not understand why I thought this was such a f^^^ing stupid sign. I am coming to the understanding that it is differences between us like this that makes her the shrink and me the patient. What I am still having problems with is working out why her view of reality is the sane one and mine the abnormal one.


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  1. {{{MP}}}

    While I can relate to Blue Mondays, I’m really glad—I know this sounds trite—that there is so much of popular culture (TV, movies, internet) that I well and truly ENJOY. To quote a joke (of recent decades), “Reality is just a crutch for those who can’t handle drugs [of choice—mine is electronic!]”