A Service Of The Word For The Third Sunday Of Lent 2014


I want you to hurt like Christ hurts. I want you to feel the pain that those who are suffering feel. For I want you to save your soul and walk the way of life and peace.

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Great news. Due to the generosity of a few good friends and a substantial commission cheque from Amazon USA, I have now received just slightly less than £800 towards my living wage of £1500 this month. That's an increase of nearly £200 since my post about my financial situation on the Eighteenth of March.

This means in the highly manipulative graphic below (how could you be so cruel as to ignore the fate of the poor little stray dog?) Little Saint Laika has made it to the top of the clouds. I don't think she has ever got so near to the safety of solid ground before.


My online ministry is my only work and my only source of income. It is a full time job. In fact, I devote more hours to it each week than I used to devote to my parish ministry and that was one heck of a lot of hours. I hope to one day return to some form of parish ministry but that is such a hopeless hope that at this moment in time, living in the present, I regard myself as nothing else but the Priest in Charge of the Saint Laika Online Christian Community. Therefore, if you can spare a dime, brother (or sister) I would be extremely grateful as would Laika, I'm sure.

You can make a one off payment by clicking on the PayPal button below (you do not need your own PayPal account to make a donation). You choose exactly what you want to give.

However, what would really please me and reduce my stress levels would be your commitment to a regular monthly subscription (again an amount of your own choosing). If you could do this please go to the Angels page where you will find full details of the schemes available.

Another way to help is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. Just go to Amazon via one of the two widgets below (USA and UK) and shop as normal. It costs you nothing extra and I earn a bit of commission on anything you buy.

Thank you for reading this appeal, my friends. May God bless you.

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