Help Return Laika To Earth

My online ministry is my only work and my only source of income. It is a full time job. In fact, I devote more hours to it each week than I used to devote to my parish ministry and that was one heck of a lot of hours. I hope to one day return to some form of parish ministry but that is such a hopeless hope that at this moment in time, living in the present, I regard myself as nothing else but the Priest in Charge of the Saint Laika Online Christian Community.

I am convinced that God called me to the ordained priesthood and I am a stubborn kind of fellow. Therefore I refuse to give up on my calling or even cut back the time I spend following it. I have completely ignored the advice of friends to suck it up and get a job outside of the Church and I will continue to do so. However, this means that, in order to survive, I need to raise money for my keep from my online congregation and other supporters of Saint Laika's and my ministry. In order to feed, clothe, house myself etc. and in order to pay the expenses that I incur just keeping the Saint Laika website and ministry up and running, I need about £1500 ($2500) a month. So far, I have not got anywhere near this figure. But, like the ram that keeps butting the dam, I keep trying to nudge the donations up to nearer a liveable wage.

Today my cunning plan is to try to appeal to your love for abused animals and your sense of fun. Sometimes you have to be just a little bit wicked to do some good in this crazy world of ours.

Up to today I have received £611.41 ($1016.29) during the month of March. Therefore I am £888.59 ($1477.01) off my (to be honest, unrealistic) target. This means (see diagram below) that poor, little, space dog, Laika is stuck on the edge of earth's atmosphere in her attempt to parachute back down to earth and the safety and comfort of a loving home. How could you leave her dangling there all alone?

Save Laika
You could help give Laika a soft landing on the soil of her home planet by making a donation (for any amount as, when you are in my financial position living on faith, every little bit really does count) towards my ministry. You can make a one off payment by clicking on the PayPal button below (you do not need your own PayPal account to make a donation). You choose exactly what you want to give.

However, what would really please me and reduce my stress levels would be your commitment to a regular monthly subscription (again an amount of your own choosing). If you could do this please go to the Angels page where you will find full details of the schemes available.

Another way to help is to buy Amazon products via my Amazon shop. Just go to Amazon via one of the two widgets below (USA and UK) and shop as normal. It costs you nothing extra and I earn a bit of commission on anything you buy.

Thank you for reading this appeal, my friends. May God bless you.

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