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Birmingham City Council is looking into a letter that outlined an alleged plan to oust head teachers and make schools in the city adhere to more Islamic principles. The letter claimed the plan, known as Operation Trojan Horse, had already affected leadership at four schools.

Adderley Primary School governor Jawed Iqbel said he was confident "the truth will prevail" during the investigation.


According to several leading Orthodox rabbis, the extensive use of ‘selfie’ pictures among yeshiva students at various events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs and major conferences is considered idolatry.

“There can not be a situation that people are busy all day filming themselves and distributing them to people on the expense of learning Torah”, said one of the rabbis. “This has the elements of idolatry and it’s idolatrous that people enslave to.”

Yes, okay maybe the students should stop it with the constant selfies and get a life. But, if the orthodox rabbinate really thinks it's a good use of their time to moan publicly about such trivial pursuits of young people then it's about time they got a life as well.

"Forget peace in the Middle East. What about the selfie already?"



In a column for conspiracy website and “Birther” hub World Net Daily, anti-LGBT pastor and activist Scott Lively claimed that LGBT people are responsible for Russia’s invasion of the Crimean peninsula. He also claimed that the U.S. is trailing Russia on the question of human rights.


The Air Force Academy removed a Bible verse posted on a cadet's whiteboard after it determined the posting had offended other cadets, a spokesman for the academy said.

The cadet wrote the passage on the whiteboard posted outside his room. "I have been crucified with Christ therefore I no longer live, but Christ lives in me," the verse from Galatians read.

Mikey Weinstein, director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, told me 29 cadets and four faculty and staff members contacted his organization to complain about the Christian passage.

He said the Bible verse on the cadet's personal whiteboard created a hostile environment at the academy.

I realise that I'm well out of step with my liberal American friends but this kind of politically correct pettiness really depresses me. What depresses me even more is that it is becoming increasingly common in the UK. If somebody wrote "All Muslims are twats" on a noticeboard I would well understand Muslims being offended by it and would join them in any attempt to have it removed immediately. But anybody who is offended by a statement of personal faith that makes no reference, blatant or implied, to anybody else, is obviously incredibly insecure in their own sense of self worth and they should seek counselling as soon as possible. However, my guess is that it is self-righteous prigs of no religious persuasion who complained rather than any Muslim or person of another faith who would understand the sincerity of the Christian airman and who want the right to proclaim their own beliefs about divine protection themselves rather than denying everybody the freedom of non-hostile expression.


Two Brooklyn brothers have admitted participating in a violent ring that threatened Jewish husbands to agree to grant their wives a religious divorce, and they face possible lengthy prison terms, prosecutors said on Tuesday. Avrohom Goldstein, 34, and Moshe Goldstein, 31, were among 10 men, including their father and two Orthodox Jewish rabbis, arrested last fall in the alleged scheme in which they hired themselves out to unhappy wives who wanted their husbands kidnapped and beaten until they agreed to divorce, according to New Jersey US Attorney Paul Fishman.


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    • We’re fine, Jane. Thanks for asking.
      Are you and your daughter well? Were you at the Spring Conference?

  1. “The cadet wrote the passage on the whiteboard posted outside his room.”

    Hmmm. A lot hangs on that “his room”. As it is, sounds like self-expression, not hegemony. At the same time, the USAFA has such a *terrible history* of that self-same Fundy Christianist hegemony. With what I read here, it’s hard for me to say…

  2. I don’t recall Jesus saying anything about one’s right to defend one’s family. In fact I can’t recall any particular place in Scripture where this idea is specifically put forward. And wouldn’t a hunting rifle be more reflective of the community than an assault rifle?

    And that last segment would indicate that the interviewer knows a great deal about life in the closet; he appears to be quite comfortable with it.