The Lord Did Not Provide

Untitled-1I am extremely sorry and embarrassed about this but I'm afraid there will be no service this week at Saint Laika's. For the first time since I started producing weekly podcasted Eucharistic worship I am unable to do so for the simple reason that I can't afford to pay one of the monthly subscriptions that make it all possible. My account with the provider is blocked until I can afford to pay them which will be sometime next week I hope, so everything should be back to normal by next Sunday.

With such a small amount of money to live on each month I have to make choices where once I would have had it all, so to speak. Last week I decided to take Mrs MP out for a bar meal on her birthday and trust that extra manna would come down from heaven in time for me to post the Sunday service. It didn't. This means that many of you might be slightly miffed but Mrs MP was happy. Obviously, I made the right choice as I don't have to live with you lot.


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