Mrs MP’s Birthday Walk 2014 – Fountains Abbey — 8 Comments

  1. Amazing green – and quite an interesting tour. I do like your photographs.

  2. Happy B-day, Missus MP!

    Great pics, MP.

    Ruins—especially church ruins—always fill me w/ ambivalence. Half of me wants to see them REBUILT. And the other half of me says “No, that would be the most awfulest thing.” Tis a puzzlement.

    Aw, there they are! [Was looking for Da Collies]

  3. Wonderful photos. Thanks. Did the young ones get to frolic over that greenery or did they have to be on leashes? Apparently that greenery is called grass. It’s been months since we’ve seen it.

  4. MP this is a excellent example of what happens when Parish Vestries defer maintenance.

    (Beautiful pictures).