A Service Of Penitence, Prayer And Music
For Ash Wednesday Or Any Day During Lent

Untitled-1You can join in with this service if you want to but it has been produced primarily for meditation. Sit down in an easy chair, lean back and let the music and words guide you into a conversation with the Holy Trinity. Let the Father, Son and Holy Spirit strengthen you for your Lenten journey, guide the examination of your life and prepare you for the passion and the joy of Holy Week and Easter. This podcast can be listened to many times over the coming six weeks or so. I would suggest that once a week, maybe on a Wednesday, half way through each week. Like praying the rosary let the words of repentance and litany become part of you so that your mind can concentrate on the task in hand, whatever that might turn out to be for you. Seek forgiveness and it will be given. May the peace of the Lord be always with you.

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