American Weird Oaf In Sochi


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Not content to shove their particularly nasty brand of bigotry in the face of the fellow citizens, American religious homophobes have now gone international.

Ruben Israel, the compassion challenged hater in chief of "Official Street Preachers" (a hate group whose website is "a mishmash of ALL CAPS, typos and warnings of hell for potheads and sinners" according to VOCATIV) has made it to Sochi.

He has his placards of intolerance with him and guess what? Nobody is stopping him from protesting even though he is not doing so in the areas where you allowed to protest.

This is in marked contrast to all attempts to protest against Russian draconian anti-gay legislation which have been suppressed by the authorities very quickly.

It's a shame that the Russians are refusing to arrest the bearded hate-monger as a spell in Siberia is probably just what he needs to straighten out his thinking.


American Weird Oaf In Sochi — 2 Comments

  1. I’m trying to sort out the connection between “homo sex” and national security. Does it distract the soldiers?