Bp. Okpala – History Geography Theology Failed


bishopfeatureBishop Godwin Okpala, of the Diocese of Nnewi Anglican Communion, has upbraided the United States of America, Canada and other European countries over their negative reaction to Nigeria for promulgating laws against same-sex marriage. He said the outburst of the so-called super powers had again betrayed their lack of respect for Nigeria and other developing nations’ sovereignity (sic) and independence to operate with minimal external influence. He noted that the whole country was united over the law against homosexualism (sic) and lesbianism, because such negative behaviour was against the two dominant religions in Nigeria and that same-sex was also against the culture of the people, as well as negate (sic) reasons and all known logic.

Professor Godwin Okpala also corrected an erroneous impression that the church originated from the West. He said Africa, indeed, recieved Christianity before the West and that Africa still had the responsibility of evangelising them because they had lost it.

We can't be certain exactly how Christianity spread out from Jerusalem but it seems likely it moved into Asia Minor first and then to Rome soon after. There may have been a Christian presence in Alexandria relatively quickly because of the large Jewish population in that city. It is also true that the Christian church in north Africa was the dominant religion for six centuries before being superseded by the Islamic religion of Arab invaders. We in the West are often amiss in not giving due credit to the Christian congregations of northern Africa. However, no, Christianity did not begin in north Africa or reach North Africa before Europe and it took a long, long time for Christianity to cross south across the Sahara into East Africa. Bishop Okpala may live in Africa but he is ethnically further removed from Egyptian Copts (for example) than I am. But this is the thing about many Africans, church leaders, politicians and the like. They seem to believe that saying something loudly makes it true. I mean what on earth does "against all known logic" mean? I have a sneaking suspicion that Okpala's grasp of logic is as lacking as his knowledge of world history.


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  1. “…and all known logic.”

    Really? If that were true, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

  2. I think the history of Sub-Saharan African peoples is sense of having been forcibly (in the vulgar sense) “sodomized” by Europeans (slavery, colonialism, capitalism). I think that history makes them collectively, well, (in the vulgar sense) *hysterical* about homosexuality (especially coming from European/North American proponents) now. Illogical? Extremely. But always contextual. Kyrie eleison.

    • I think you’re talking crap, JCF. Sub-Saharan Africans were buggering each other at every opportunity long before we started buying slaves off them. And the fact that they were so keen to trade other Sun Saharan Africans shows that they had a pretty good grasp of the basics of the capitalist system before we arrived as well. And don’t forget, we learned everything all about slavery in the first place from North Africans (haven’t you ever read “Don Quixote”?). History is a slimy eel. Just when you think you have a hold of it and that you can use it to feed your own sacred cows, it will slip through your fingers and slither away.

  3. Dammit, MP, I wish the New Laika’s still had a preview screen. My above post came out way more word-salad than it was in my head. I hope it still makes sense.

  4. Where did I say that Africans weren’t buggering each other (“from before the dawn of time” till today)?

    I’m talking about their FEELINGS re (note deliberate word choice) “homosexuality” today (not whatever downlow expressions they’ve had for men-having-sex-with-men that they’ve had, oh, from before the dawn of time).

    I said these feelings aren’t illogical. They may not even derive from strictly historical events—but they are PERCEIVED to have done so, and that’s what we (LGBT/allies) have to reckon with.