It’s “Sochi” Gay Day At The Winter Olympics

I am alive at a time when the leaders of nations refuse to attend events held in countries where the hatred of gays is still endemic and institutionalised. I'm sure it wasn't like this the last time there was a Winter Olympics. Thank you, world leaders of integrity whatever your political allegiances.

And now a word from the Russian delegation.

Putin is insistent that "some of his best friends are gay" including Elton John allegedly. However, I bet the two gentlemen in the video are not on the list.


It’s “Sochi” Gay Day At The Winter Olympics — 1 Comment

  1. …and back on this side of the Pond, a top college football* player, just CAME OUT! Congratulations, Michael Sam!

    * Real Men’s Football: played using one’s arms and hands, as God and Vince Lombardi intended.