January Accounts

During the month of January, Saint Laika's received £676.26 in donations and paid out £71.29 on website expenses. This means I had £604.97 to live on before tax and national insurance which I reckon will come to about £48.00.

It keeps the wolf from the door and I am extremely grateful to the fifty six friends of Saint Laika's who contributed so generously to keeping my ministry afloat last month. However, I would feel more authentic and much, much happier if I was earning something nearer a living wage each month (I would really love to go out more often). Therefore, if you are in the financial position to help and are inclined to do so, please consider becoming a signed up friend of Saint Laika's, one of the angels without whom the ministry of this online community would not be possible. Pop over to the ANGELS page and choose how much you wish to donate each month. Then click on the relevant button and follow the instructions. You do not need a PayPal account to contribute.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to make a one off donation then please still go to the ANGELS page and on the right hand sidebar, under the heading "Donate to St Laika's," you will find a widget that you can adjust to the amount you wish to send to me. Then click on the Donate button and follow the instructions.

Also on the sidebar, under the heading "Amazon Links," you can help finance my ministry without sending me anything at all. You just have to make your Amazon purchases via one of my Amazon widgets and I will earn commission. It will not cost you anything extra, I promise, and getting a cheque from Amazon for a hundred dollars or so every three months is always a great help.

I intend to keep up this level of transparency with the Saint Laika project and so you will get to see how things have worked out financially every month.

Thank you for listening. Now on with the show!

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