Placard — 6 Comments

  1. P e d o p h i l e s

    Is there some other way to spell it? I don’t get the second sign.

    However I know for a fact that the British can’t spell “color” or “honor” or “authorize” etc.

  2. Well when we went our separate ways there really was no standard for spelling, so I think we are just as correct using our spelling in the US as you are using yours in the UK (although we do slip occasionally–we have a Centre Avenue and a City Theatre in Pittsburgh). In this case, though, I guess we would probably be better off using “paedophile” so as not to make it seem like we are talking about foot fetishists.

    • My guess is that “paedophile” is more modern than the War of Independence. In fact, it’s a scientific word rather than straightforward English. Therefore, as you imply, Bill, the American insistence on misspelling it takes away its exact meaning. I assume American say “pedderfile” rather than “paedophile.”