American Muslims Flood Somerset

Untitled-1Muslims in the USA were successful over the weekend in their attempt to make it rain on drought stricken California at a communal pray-in happening in San Francisco organised by the Council of American-Islamic Relations. Unfortunately they prayed far too hard and as well as bringing a slight drizzle to the Bay Area they also flooded pretty much all of the county of Somerset in south west England. Furthermore, what should have been just a minor annoyance affecting  a few thousand ordinary people threatened to turn into a full scale international incident due to the fact that Prince Charles was attending the monthly farmers market and craft fair in Muchelney village hall trying to flog his range of home made, organic cookies when the deluge set in. The village became completely surrounded by water and for a while it looked like His Royal Highness would be stuck there for possibly weeks during which time architects would have taken the opportunity to build brutalist style shopping malls and museum extensions all over the home counties. Fortunately, a local farmer had the bright idea of hitching up a float, used to transport the village May Queen to the annual whicker man ceremony, to his tractor and the prince was towed back to the mainland to continue his heroic battle against all things even slightly modern that threaten to turn our great country into something no better than France or Germany. Even so, the American Ambassador was summoned to Buckingham Palace this morning and given a right ticking off by Charles' mother. More details at MUSLIMVILLAGE.COM.



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