Worshippers Beat Up Drunkard

From SDE (Kenya):

A drunk man landed himself in trouble after he waded into an evangelical crusade in Nyeri, causing a disruption. Initially, the congregates restrained themselves from dismissing the noisy man, given that the crusade’s gospel targeted those chained by sin, like him. Encouraged by the crowd’s tolerance and reluctance to kick him out, he elbowed his way through the dancing people and tried to show them a moves of his own. The faithful were patient with him, hoping that he was desperate for the blood of Jesus to sober him up, but far from it! In the course of the vigorous evangelical dancing, the drunkard staggered closer to the podium, then crawled up the small ladder to the pulpit.

The ushers were patient with him, hoping he wanted to give a testimony, but alas! He grabbed the microphone, and then proceeded to rough up the women on the dais, touching them inappropriately. The male members of the congregation had to spring to action and whisk him away as he kicked and screamed. They issued him with a stern warning not to interrupt proceedings, but he seemed to be a man with a mission. In the course of the praise and worship, the pianist played a tune that struck a good cord with the drunkard, and he staggered to the podium, again.

At this point, a male congregant ordered the drunk to stop desecrating God’s dinner table. But the wino would hear none of it, and promptly slapped the ‘brother’, inviting the wrath of other brethren. "These are the demons which the spirit directs that we should exorcise physically,” a brother said, as he landed a heavy blow on the drunkard’s face.

The drunk was beaten mercilessly, and only let off when he threatened to urinate on the generator in retaliation.

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