Priest Kicks Woman While She Is Down

From FOX4:


A couple who lives outside of Chillicothe say their priest denied them communion when he discovered they were in a same-sex relationship. Carol Parker and her partner of nearly 20 years, Josephine Martin, say they were good standing members of Saint Columban Catholic Church in Chillicothe for 12 years. They say that all changed when Parker had her mother’s funeral at the church following her death on December 26th. The obituary noted Parker’s mother was survived by a son, a daughter and her daughter’s partner.

“If that one word had not been in there, he would be fine,” said Martin.

Parker said she had been a member since 2001 and served as a lector, a cantor and also sang in the choir.

Martin said she and Parker don’t understand why the priest compounded the pain of a funeral with his decision.

“To be singing in the choir and be lectors, and everything, it’s all God. He just took it away in a second,” Martin said. “I just really don’t understand where his heart is.”


Priest Kicks Woman While She Is Down — 2 Comments

  1. How old is that priest? He looks like he’s about 12 (or maybe 13). That would certainly account for his childish attitude.

  2. Don’t look at the comments on that story: they’re depressing as f#ck.

    Really hope that the church Carol&Josephine are driving an hour to, is Episcopal.