Preacher Gets Carried Away At Funeral


A female preacher, who attempted to preach at the funeral service of musician, Ronnie Coches, nearly marred the solemn ceremony. The woman, holding a Bible and wearing a violet long dress with a creamy head scuff, started preaching unexpectedly. Suddenly she diverted her message and started raining insults on Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001A young man at the venue approached the woman and advised her to leave the place but the woman resisted. So the young man forcibly lifted the woman and carried her to the entrance of the funeral grounds with the aim of getting her out of the venue. That action attracted a third person, who wasn’t pleased with the young man’s action. He then confronted the young man and inquired why he lifted the woman. The man tried unsuccessfully to carry the young man, which got the young man very angry, he slapped the man, lifted him and threw him to the cemented ground. The man crashed his fore head to the ground and got bruised.

The incident did not affect the funeral proceedings.


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