More Demonic Christianity

Having watched Father Wotsit's guide to spotting demons (see post below) I believe that I can identify diabolically possessed clergy with complete certainty. However, you do now need a degree in demonology to work out that the church minister in the following story is most likely possessed by the devil himself, so evil are his actions and his words.


Pastor David Slautterback of Ambassador’s Bible Chapel in Pennsylvania announced to the congregation during a recent church service that a man’s membership had been revoked because he was gay.

After 20-year-old Bobbie Pierce was condemned by the church and denied communion, he posted a copy of a letter of discipline he received to The York Daily Record‘s Facebook page because he wanted others to know that they were not alone.

In an interview with the Daily Record, Pastor Slautterback said that Pierce was welcome to continue attending church services as long as he did not speak out about his sexuality. The pastor and other church members also wanted Pierce to repent for his “sin.”

“We’re accused of hate, Bobbie has accused us of hate,” Slautterback said, adding that it was Piece who committed an “an action of hate” by sharing the church’s letter.

“We placed Bobbie under church discipline out of love for Bobbie and regard for his soul,” the pastor explained.


Well, you can't say the devil hasn't got a sense of humour.

Now, let us join together and pray that our blessed lady stamps down hard on that nasty little pastor's head and that she does so quickly and with extreme prejudice.


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