American Bloodlust


Supporters of an initiative that would ask Mainers to support a ban on using bait, dogs and traps to hunt bears say they have gathered more than enough signatures to force the issue to a statewide referendum vote in November. In 2004, Maine voters rejected, 53 percent to 47 percent, a similar measure that would have prohibited hunters from using food, traps and hunting dogs to pursue and kill bears.

Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting insist that, “Baiting bears is a problematic and reckless practice. Dumping millions of pounds of pizza, jelly (doughnuts), and rotting food into the woods to lure in bears for an easy kill, habituates bears to humans and grows their population. Baiting, hounding and trapping are the lazy man’s way to hunt and have no place in responsible wildlife management.”

Save Maine’s Bear Hunt believes that bear hunting in Maine contributes to the state’s rural economy and represents an important piece of Maine’s outdoor heritage.

When you read stuff like this it becomes obvious that stopping the massacre of children and others in the USA is not just a matter of getting rid of guns. There appears to be a high proportion of the population (in Maine, for example, a majority) whose lives are governed by a blood lust that craves the act of killing rather than the hunt itself. In my book even the desire to chase quarry is a primitive instinct of the same type as the male desire to rape - in other words it is a part of our animal selves that our human reasoning and enlightenment should have long since persuaded us to suppress. But, at least, it is an understandable, and in certain situations, a necessary human trait. Luring an uneatable, majestic animal to a specific place where you can then blast its head off without any real danger to yourself is just plain sick. It is this sickness, that rears its ugly head elsewhere such as in the continuation of the state murder of criminals, that is the major contributor to the many acts of extreme violence towards the defenceless in the USA. It is a cancer that cannot be removed by simple surgery. To rid the body of the nation of this illness will require substantial radiotherapy aimed at its very soul.



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  1. Touche’, MP.

    When I was a teen, my family had an annual trip to a friend of my dad’s, up in the mountains. There, the gents had a long running poker tournament.

    Since families came along, and it was in the mountains—and this was a group of “outdoorsmen”—fishing (and perhaps hunting) was also a feature.

    One morning, one of these men said to my dad, “Charlie [FWIW, I’ve never heard anyone else call him “Charlie”, he’s always “Chuck”], let’s go KILL something!”

    Now, I grew up w/ hunting and fishing (esp. the latter, as I don’t hunt). But my ~16 year-old self was genuinely shocked. To me, hunting and fishing was ALWAYS to the end of obtaining prey one would EAT. The “killing” part was *only* a necessary evil component towards that end: FOOD. [Yes, hooking/reeling/landing a big fish WAS a thrill. But ONLY if it were an edible fish!]

    But to SEEK out “killing something”? Sick, sick, sick. I lost whatever respect I might have had for this particular friend (acquaintance?) of my father’s.