Nigerian Bishops Banned From Lambeth Conference

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have Jan. 29 written to all primates of the Anglican Communion, and to the Presidents of Nigeria and Uganda, recalling the commitment made by the Primates of the Anglican Communion to the pastoral support and care of everyone worldwide, regardless of sexual orientation.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

In recent days, questions have been asked about the Church of England’s attitude to new legislation in several countries that penalises people with same-sex attraction. In answer to these questions, we have recalled the common mind of the Primates of the Anglican Communion, as expressed in the Dromantine Communiqué of 2005.

The Communiqué said: ‘….we wish to make it quite clear that in our discussion and assessment of moral appropriateness of specific human behaviours, we continue unreservedly to be committed to the pastoral support and care of homosexual people. The victimisation or diminishment of human beings whose affections happen to be ordered towards people of the same sex is anathema to us. We assure homosexual people that they are children of God, loved and valued by Him and deserving the best we can give – pastoral care and friendship.’

We hope that the pastoral care and friendship that the Communiqué described is accepted and acted upon in the name of the Lord Jesus.

We call upon the leaders of churches in such places to demonstrate the love of Christ and the affirmation of which the Dromantine Communiqué speaks.”

Yours in Christ,
+Justin Cantuar +Sentamu Eboracensis

From Ekklesia:

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh has praised Nigeria’s president for signing an anti-gay bill into law and criticised its opponents, according to a Channels Television news report. The new law, misleadingly called the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, goes far further in undermining human rights, contrary to Nigeria’s constitution and Christian values.

According to him, Channels Television reported, those not in support of the bill are like Adam and Eve (Genesis 2-3), who questioned God for asking them not to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden. Reportedly he claimed that “Many people do not realise that what is referred to as the homosexual trouble is not the homosexual or lesbian trouble but people’s refusal to accept the scripture for what it is, authority for life and practice following God.”

Now, as far as I can remember, Rowan Williams, even at his most manically homophobic (only for the unity of the Communion of course) didn't refer to Bishop Gene Robinson as an anathema. Yet, Robinson was banned from the last Lambeth Conference. One has to assume that as an anathema must trump a ticking off, Justin Welby will not be inviting most of the bishops of the GAFCON schism to the next Lambeth, should he still be in charge. Of course, such punishment will not have to be meted out should all the heretical bishops of GAFCON apologise to everybody concerned for being so unchristian in their attitude towards gay people in the past and promise not to be so nasty ever again.

I also assume that Welby and Sentamu's condemnation of the victimisation of gay people means that gay people will no longer be the victims of unfair discrimination in the Church of England.


Nigerian Bishops Banned From Lambeth Conference — 2 Comments

  1. Not this time.
    But its funny you know. If you wait long enough….
    I remember our Bishops here in Sydney refused to go.
    The day will come when they won’t be invited.