I’m A Neanderthal Man

Recent articles in the journals, "Nature" and "Science" claim that research proves that Neanderthal DNA in modern (non-African) humans, present because of interbreeding, is responsible for such contemporary ailments as type 2 diabetes, depression, smoking addiction and Crohn's Disease.

Well, I don't have Crohn's disease but I do suffer or, in the case of smoking addiction, have suffered from the other three. So, at least I know who to blame now and this time it is most definitely not the gays.

Further details can be found on the BBC NEWS website.


I’m A Neanderthal Man — 1 Comment

  1. Heh-heh: I can’t help but picture a stocky, (ginger) hairy, vocubulary-deficient football hooligan (perhaps bellowing for Newcastle United?): behold, Neanderthal DNA! ;-p~~~