Tunisian People Show The Way


Three years after protests, blood, and tear gas ended with the flight of a dictator, Tunisians at last have a Constitution on which to build a new order. The document signed on Monday is yet another example set by the country whose revolution kicked off the 2011 Arab uprisings. It establishes a civil democratic state, and lays the foundation for an independent judiciary and the protection of basic individual freedoms. And its drafting has forced Tunisia’s quarrelsome political parties to start learning the art of compromise after months of arguments and uncertainty.

Still, the constitution is only a blueprint. Old laws must be reformed and new elections held, while leaders must confront Islamic militancy and cure economic malaise. But a sense of pride, solidarity, and relief filled the constituent assembly chamber today as legislators and media packed into seats and aisles beneath a chandelier blazing with light. Portraits and Tunisian flags were placed on two seats in memory of assemblymen Mohamed Brahmi, shot dead last July, and Mohamed Allouche, who died last week of a heart attack.

For putting what is right before all their other loyalties the democrats of Tunisia are, each one of them, our...


May the God of Abraham bless and protect them in their continuing endeavour to form an enlightened, civil society where once there had been tyranny and where there are still forces intent on returning the people to a state of oppression.


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