Paul Washer – Blasphemer

This is not Christianity. It is gnosticism. Or rather, that most blasphemous of all gnostic heresies, dualism. The belief that the spirit is good and the body is evil. Like Paul Washer, the gnostics were so frightened of the female body and the femaleness it contained they demonised it. Unable to allow God to be the creator of the flesh that so horrified them they invented a lesser deity to God whom they called the demiurge. They then claimed that it was this fool of a god, this demiurge, who was responsible for the creation of all matter including the flesh of women. But orthodox Christianity as well as orthodox Judaism and orthodox Islam all state categorically that everything was created by the one God and that the one God looked on what had been created and, according to the book of Genesis, saw that it was good.

And let's get one thing straight, something that seems to have completely escaped this gnostic Southern Baptist. Whether you regard the creation stories as history, metaphor or a mixture of the two, one thing is for absolute certain, when God created/evolved us we started off completely naked. God may have created all that is needed to make clothes but humans created clothes and did so comparatively late in their history (we stuck with just hair for a heck of a long time).

Furthermore, God did not stop at creating/bringing into order matter. God created/evolved in us and all creatures, our senses. So God created our bodies and all that we need to appreciate what God has created including our bodies. Not only that but God made the appreciation of the flesh an integral part of being turned on which, in turn, leads to the propagation of, as far as I know, all the species.

Therefore to state that the human body, naked or clothed, male or female, fat or thin, young or old, able or disabled, healthy or sick, is in anyway evil, in anyway not good, is to state that God created something, in fact created what was to God the most important thing, and saw that it was bad. And to state that is blasphemy.

Paul Washer, like all the millions of gnostics who have insinuated themselves into all the Abrahamic faiths to corrupt the teaching of the one, true, creative God, is not just a nasty little man with a nasty little mind. He is also a blasphemer.


Paul Washer – Blasphemer — 5 Comments

  1. Of course, God created gay fashion designers so that women would be adorned in a proper manner.

  2. Where do these people get their training? Have they had any schooling on the faith or in Scripture beyond Sunday School?

  3. “Paul Washer…is not just a nasty little man with a nasty little mind. He is also a blasphemer.”

    If I’m making the most widely-available case possible, however, I’m probably going to go w/ the “nasty little man with a nasty little mind” part.