Xavier Fagba – The Good Samaritan

From FRANCE 24:

Muslim families fleeing south towards the capital of the Central African Republic last week were targeted by armed members of the anti-balaka (“anti-machete”) Christian militias, forcing them to head back to Boali and ask French troops for protection. In Boali alone, at least four people died in the violence and twenty others were injured.

The sight of anti-Balaka militiamen chasing local Muslims with knives and machetes prompted the abbot, Xavier Fagba, to offer them shelter inside his church. "I am not going to let anyone hurt the people inside my church, it doesn’t matter whether they are Christians or Muslims", Xavier Fagba told FRANCE 24.

Around 70 French troops are guarding the church, where some 700 terrified Muslims have taken refuge. An AFP journalist at the scene reported that sanitary conditions were deteriorating after the refugees, mostly women and children, spent two nights inside the church.

For being a true Christian when surrounded by untrue Christians, Abbot Xavier Fagba is OCICBW's...




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  1. How better to be “anti-machete” than with machetes? {sarcasm/Off}

    Props to the good abbot Xavier (has he ever considered opening a school for the extraordinarily-gifted?)