Aussie Parents Look Gift Horse In Face


State school students have come home from religious instruction classes believing they would “burn in hell” or be “eaten by the devil”, according to a new book on secular education in Australia. The author, Cathy Byrne, a Southern Cross University research program manager, argues Queensland now has the least secular education system in Australia. In a chapter on her research on Queensland, Byrne says six children from five schools reported “burn in hell” comments.

One parent she interviewed about religious instruction classes said: “My child believed everything he was being told, including that he would burn in hell.”

Another parent said: “My son was told he would be eaten by the devil, so we opted him out.

One student told her parents after the 2012 whole-of-school assembly that she can ‘no longer enjoy Christmas because she hasn’t been saved by Jesus’.

I don't think I have ever come across such ungrateful parents in my life. These hardworking RE teachers have instilled in the children in their classes a perfect fear that can be utilised by the parents of the children for years to come. In fact, if I am anything to go by, they will be having nightmares about the worm that never dies for the rest of their lives. Whenever these children squabble with their siblings, forget to say please and thank you or get down from the table without asking first, their parents can remind the misbehaving youngsters of what awaits them when they die if they continue down the path of unrighteousness.

And it's not only the parents who benefit from this hellfire indoctrination. Imagine how much more pleasant life would be if, when some brat starts whinging or crying in front of you in the checkout aisle because mummy won't let them have any of the sweets on display at the till, all you had to do was tap the child on the shoulder and remind them of the inferno that awaits them if they don't STFU.


Aussie Parents Look Gift Horse In Face — 2 Comments

  1. I guess your parents weren’t able to take advantage of such forward thinking education. I know mine weren’t (although my mother did try homeschooling me on the subject).

  2. In my godless public (in Brit-speak, “state”) schools, we didn’t have religous instruction.

    But we did have lots of Chick Tracts laying about (not to mention the “devil movies” craze of the 70s. I was scared sh*tless by the TV movie “Satan’s School for Girls”!)