What Would Justin Tweet?

Like most bishops I expect it would depend on whether it's going to be reported by the media or not. For those tweeting members of the Church of England who no longer have the sense they were born with, Gillian, James, Vanesther and Natalie from the Bath and Wells diocesan communications team have come up with a whole load of advice about what is and what isn't acceptable Christian behaviour on the net.

According to THE GUARDIAN:

The Diocese of Bath & Wells is urging churchgoers to spread the Christian message across Twitter, but warn that the site is full of unholy temptations such as the rush to gain retweets and followers.

Before putting finger to keyboard, the web-savvy diocese is instructing pious Twitter users to think, "Is this my story to share? Would I want my mum to read this? Would I want God to read this?"

Then there are the actual Nine Commandments of Tweeting...

1 Don't rush in
2 Remember updates are transient, yet permanent
3 You are an ambassador for the church
4 Do not hide behind anonymity
5 Think about the blurring of public/private life boundaries
6 Safeguarding: communicating directly online is like meeting someone in private
7 Stay within the legal framework
8 Respect confidentiality
9 Be mindful of your own security

Fortunately I have been thrown out of the church, probably, in part, because I broke too many of the Nine Commandments of Tweeting and not just on Twitter. Therefore, I am not an ambassador anymore. So I can tweet WTF I like. Anyway, I think all social media nastiness would be got rid of overnight if everyone followed just Law number 4 (Do not hide behind anonymity).

But why, I wonder, only nine commandments? It's bloody annoying for a person of my obsessive personality type. So help me out, people!




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  1. “What Would Justin Tweet?”

    The Man *don’t get* my drag-racing, pot-smoking and prescription drug use!

    …oh wait: maybe you don’t mean The Bieber?