Where Does He Find Them?

600x600Oh, this is truly dreadful. I can do nothing to make up for the pain I am going to cause to anyone silly enough to press play other than to apologise profusely and offer a staggering 5000 days off purgatory to each person who gets all the way through it. And remember, if you die because of listening to this nightmare on wax then the days off purgatory do automatically pass to your next of kin.

So what have you got to lose?


Where Does He Find Them? — 12 Comments

  1. Sounds like a cat whose tail is being stepped on – goof Grief! Purgatory would be a relief! nij

    • I know you’re made of sterner stuff than that, nij. Go on! I’m sure you could do with the days off purgatory.

    • They’re new to me, JCF. But an interesting story. Thanks for pointing it out. She should be alright. Punks have always been very supportive of the sexually different.

  2. A message to pat stack from The Boo. She says to tell you to not make comparisons between that noise and her race. Even if her tail were in a vise, she could never produce such an unpleasant sound. After I stopped it, she curled back up and purred. I suppose it is Purgatory for me.

  3. Only a machine can make someone sound this bad. This guy is recoding this in his garage surely? and pressing some slider up and down?
    If not…he’s got real problems.
    By the way, if he is looking for some special effect….He hasn’t found it.
    I have a bit of nausea and I claim my 5000 days.

  4. Is that what happens to modern ‘musicians’ when you switch off auto-tune? Having said that, there were a couple of notes that had that distinctive ‘auto-tune wobble’. Oh no, you have started me on an auto-tune rant. To be fair, I would rather listen to the odd wrong note than anything with auto-tuning.

    On the plus side, I am now purged.

  5. Wow! Sumbuddy gots no idea of how to use that drum program. I am amazed at how, every now and then, the singer actually hits a note that is close to the key in which the keyboardist is playing. Ya know, I love my Apple™ devices, but this is another example of how Garageband™ came from Satan’s app store.

  6. Made it! But I don’t know what this has done to me just yet. I only wish that I were as tone deaf as these guys; it might not have been as bad that way. Anyway, I think I survived. Anyway I think I survived. Anyway I think I survived. Anyway, I think I survived…

    • The 5000 days off purgatory are winging their way to you through the ether. Not that an upright young man like you will need them, I am sure, DC.