Carey Says Church Of England Is Doomed

Former archbishop, and chief scaremonger for the evangelical right in the Church of England, took advantage of his invitation to preach at the bastion of judgemental Christianity and massive expenses claims, Chester Cathedral, to have another poke at gay people who want to sign up to holy matrimony.

Chester Cathedral, beautiful and ancient but currently hijacked by fundamentalists of the most tediously boring kind, is not a place where Carey would fear contradiction from his audience or risk a telling off from the diocesan bishop. So off he went titling at the windmills of enlightenment like a modern day Don Quixote, only more daft and even more delusional.

According to the DAILY MAIL, Carey proclaimed in a Week for Christian Unity sermon on Sunday last, that the Church is being "shaken by seismic shifts and changes as a result of disagreements on ministry, marriage and human sexuality," and that "we must not allow ourselves to fracture under the colossal weight of dancing to the world’s agenda."

The thought of his Lordship dancing conjures up for me images of walruses fighting each other during the mating season.


He continued in his sermon (which, lets face it, was nothing other than a party political broadcast for the haters that make up hardline membership of Fulcrum and Reform) that Church leaders should be concentrating on achieving unity rather than meeting the expectations of politics.

"What I’m talking about with the world’s agenda is what this Government has now set up," he said. "This puts pressure on the Church to offer rites of marriage to those who are in same-sex relationships. Obviously, I would disapprove of that - but the pressure is on so many churches to do that."

"I am actually saying let’s keep our gaze on true unity, let’s share what we have in common, let’s not be so tempted to dance to the world’s tune that we forget that unity and mission are indissoluble, one affects the other."

He added, "We live in very difficult times for the Church. There may be very good will for our churches and our service is deeply appreciated but the message is ignored. You know it and I know it too. Rarely has it been harder for the message to get a welcoming home. But this is not the time for self-pity or regret."

Which begs the question, what the heck would George Carey do to pass the time if it wasn't for self-pity and regret. Rowan Williams annoyed me greatly when he was in office but I have to admit that he has behaved himself impeccably since retiring from the Canterbury post. Carey on the other hand has been as bad mannered in his retirement as you can possibly get. Obviously he just can't get used to the fact that he is no longer in charge and obviously he regrets achieving nothing to halt the inevitable bringing in of the kingdom of God whilst he was in charge. Fearful that the full inclusion of gay people into the Church of England is going to take place over his dead body whilst he is still alive he spends his time undermining the church he purports to serve. It should not take a genius to work out that it is not discussion about the kicking out of ancient bigotries that is tearing the Church apart but whinging, old reactionaries like him. Unfortunately for the Church (extremely fortunate for the newspaper industry) although it should not take a genius to work it out, Carey still does not get it, so full of his own self-importance that he is.

I hate saying this, but Im actually feel sorry for Justin Welby. It's bad enough having everything you do sniped at by your ecclesiastical enemies. So, being continually undermined by somebody who used to have your job and who is supposed to be on your side of the Great Fence of Church Tradition must be a right pain in the arse.



Carey Says Church Of England Is Doomed — 8 Comments

  1. Nitpick: pictured “dancing” are Elephant Seals (they have a big, stinky, noisy breeding grounds on the central coast of my native Californiay).

    “Big, Stinky, Noisy”: by gum, they do rather suggest themselves of several (current/former) Anglican Archbishops!

  2. I dunno, feeling sorry for the archbishop may be a bridge to far for me. But someone really needs to shut down Carey.

    It is interesting that having made such a hash of his own term, that he insists on telling successors how they should act. One might think that the single best idea of how to treat advice is that if it came from Carey, do the opposite!


    • To be honest, Jim (and I can tell you this because you’re a longstanding friend and you know me anyway), I only said I felt sorry for the archbishop to set up the photoshop.

  3. “…but the message is ignored.” Interesting that he makes no connection between this and his refusal to dance to the tune of the Spirit. I suppose it’s possible he doesn’t hear it, which is rather sad.