Welby Reopens Old Wounds As Nigeria
Increases Persecution Of Gay People


An Islamic court in Nigeria's northern state of Bauchi has put on trial 11 Muslim men accused of being homosexuals in violation of their religion, a religious leader has told the BBC. A 12th person arrested - a Christian will be tried under secular law. Under Islamic law, a person can be sentenced to death by stoning if convicted of homosexuality. It is also illegal to have gay sex in Nigeria, according to its secular laws.

Earlier this month, President Goodluck Jonathan signed a parliamentary bill which tightens laws against homosexuals, banning same-sex marriages, gay groups and shows of same-sex public affection.

The new legislation applies across Nigeria, affecting all citizens.

My guess is that Nigeria is now more homophobic than Iran and Saudi Arabia put together. So, all the arse licking the present and previous archbishops of Canterbury have done to appease the bigots of the Nigerian Church and their supporters, and all the knifing of his friends in the back that the last archbishop of Canterbury did with great enthusiasm, was not worth a fig. In fact, it appears to have just emboldened the haters even more whilst alienating those parts of the communion that just want to live the gospel of Christ in peaceful coexistence with all God's children, even those who are right bastards.

Unfortunately, after a year of the church wondering just how fundamentalist and anti the Episcopal Church in the USA Justin Welby would be, we now have the answer. His appointment of Tory Baucum, one of the most prominent of the schismatics who left and then tried to bankrupt the Episcopal Church rather than abide by the majority decision of the church, as one of the Six Preachers of Canterbury Cathedral is a clear indication that his Eton-instilled arrogance will lead him poke his nose into everybody else's business whilst wearing steel toe capped sectarian jackboots without any qualms whatsoever. He will claim that the appointment is all about reconciliation. But as there has been no announcement that an openly gay, equally qualified scholar loyal to the official (in fact) only Anglican church in the USA (TEC) has also been appointed I think we can say that such excuses would be nothing more than dissembling bollocks.

See ACNS announcement for more details of this shit stirring appointment.

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Welby Reopens Old Wounds As Nigeria
Increases Persecution Of Gay People

  1. I’m sickened by this. TEC is figuratively stabbed in the back, but Nigerian LGBTs literally so. Kyrie eleison!!!

  2. The problem for any Archbishop of Canterbury is that of the, roughly 70 million, Anglicans around the world 1 in 7 is Nigerian. In other words, there are roughly 10 million Anglicans who are Nigerian. Compare that to roughly 1 million in England. It is not about morals and ethics. I don’t know what it is about, but it is not about morals and ethics.

    • It’s only a problem for him because the ABCs have, since Carey, assumed a papal role. In reality, the ABC is exactly what it says on the tin. If he was content to be the figurehead that he is supposed to be and related to the Church of England and the other provinces in the same way that the Queen of England relates to the UK and the Commonwealth countries it would matter not one jot what Nigeria, the USA et al got up to because he would have no authority to sort it out in any case.

  3. The Archbishop of Canterbury has the same jurisdiction over the Episcopal Church as the Bishop of Rome has: NONE!!!!!

  4. JD, if not everyone who says “Lord, Lord!” will be saved, how less so anyone who points at themself saying “Anglican, Anglican!”

    Shame if the ABC doesn’t realize that.