Nigerians To Be Outlawed

I see that the Nigerian president has made being gay a criminal offence.

Fair enough. I think the rest of us should respond by making being Nigerian a criminal offence. From now on anybody in the civilised world who is proved to be a practicing Nigerian and anybody who supports people who are Nigerian should be locked up in prison for six years and on their release sent back to where they came from. I, for one, simply don't accept that people are born Nigerian. Their condition is most likely caused by poor fathering and overbearing mothers. Liberals may squawk on about how ex-Nigerian therapy never works but I say "Give me a can of white Dulux paint and I'll have them looking like a Northern European in no time."

Some of you may think I am being a little bit extreme, even slightly racist maybe. But heck, I'm only employing the same logic and lack of intelligence that Goodluck Jonathan used when he decided that two people of the same sex loving each other was wrong. Unfortunately, I can't quite work up in myself the same level of hatred he has for people who are (allegedly) different from him. But then I'm not after another term in office like he is.

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