Worship At St. Laika’s: Saint Eivind Berggrav

The Saint Laika Calendar of Saints is my (in progress) attempt to come up with a list of women and men to commemorate in the liturgy who reflect the priorities of those who are members of the Saint Laika community. The vast majority of saints who have so far made the list are people who, because of their obvious commitment to the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Gospels, have changed the world for the better. Many of them have also stood up to tyranny. Many of them have suffered for their beliefs. The Norwegian saint, Eivind Berggrav fits into all of these categories as well as being a teacher and pastor. The service of evening prayer I have cobbled together to commemorate his life and example takes account of his membership of the Lutheran Church of Norway. I hope you like it, especially if Eivind is a saint in your own tradition.

CLICK HERE to stream or download the service.

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